Broomfield Development Plan

Broomfield Development Plan PowerPoint

Project Overview
Broomfield has grown up around the Wattenberg Oil and Gas Field located along the Front Range, resulting in homes, schools and public buildings being built next to pre-existing, vertical oil and gas wells, facilities and pipelines. Extraction plans to develop this portion of the Wattenberg Field underlying Broomfield between Interstate 25 and Sheridan Parkway, using modern best management practices, and modernized equipment that will remove wells from neighborhoods and implement more environmentally friendly technology. Our goal is to execute a best-in-class oil and gas development project that minimizes inconveniences to Broomfield residents, while maintaining the natural beauty of the community.

As we continue to coordinate with Broomfield City/County staff on a weekly basis, our Broomfield Development Plan is designed to:

  • Remove and reclaim some 30 legacy oil and gas wells scattered throughout Broomfield neighborhoods
  • Consolidate 12 previously permitted drilling sites that were located much closer to neighborhoods to just four new locations along Northwest Parkway, incorporating a total of 140 new wells drilled from these four locations.
  • Install more than $4 million in landscaping improvements to beautify and conceal each production site from view before development begins.
  • Employ multiple, industry-leading best management practices – above and beyond both regulatory requirements and our existing agreement with Broomfield – that enable the safe, timely and responsible development of resources.
  • Provide up to $180 million in local and state taxes, as well as jobs and proven economic growth generated by developing Coloradans’ mineral properties beneath the Broomfield area.

This plan was approved through a legally binding agreement by the Broomfield City Council in a unanimous vote after public input and participation from the broader community.

We carefully chose these four locations to be as far as possible from residential housing and to be compatible with surrounding development. Each of the four locations is located as far from neighborhoods as reasonably possible along Northwest Parkway, so that any noise associated with operations will not be noticeable above the ambient noise currently generated by the parkway. This has been conclusively demonstrated by noise-level monitoring tests that we have performed at each site. Thousands of vehicles travel each day on the parkway and third-party traffic studies have additionally confirmed that even at the peak of our temporary construction activity, the increase in traffic resulting from our project is negligible – even during peak activity.

We also plan to install over three acres of professionally designed landscaping and rolling hills at each site to screen these locations from view before beginning our operations. This landscaping will include rolling earthen berms covered with natural grasses and trees inspired by Colorado’s flowing landscapes and vistas, and our commitment to landscape architecture features at these sites is estimated to cost more than $1 million per location.

The technology on these sites is proven and designed to ensure safe and reliable operations. That includes equipment that will either capture or eliminate more than 99.9 percent of all emissions that would otherwise be associated with the development – a rate that is significantly better than that of the cars and trucks we use each day.

Ultimately, our commitment to safety, clean air and the Broomfield community is evident in every facet of this planned operation. Industry-leading best management practices and latest development technology will be applied in Broomfield, which includes electric-powered drilling rigs, quiet completion fleets and our commitment to installing pipeline infrastructure in cooperation with CCOB.

This development plan is designed to commence in 2017, and by the end of the project, more than 30 vertical wells in Broomfield and Adams Counties, including many in the Anthem and Spruce Meadows neighborhoods, will be removed and reclaimed, allowing landowners and communities to repurpose those areas for housing and other community development. This planned development will occur in two phases, with each phase taking approximately 2 ½ years to complete.

We look forward to continuing to work cooperatively with the Broomfield community to deliver among the safest, cleanest and most thoughtfully designed projects on the Front Range.

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The above map depicts Extraction’s proposed four consolidated sites from the previously-approved 12 sites

Huron Pad.

United Pad.

Sheridan Pad. From North

Sheridan Pad. From West

Sheridan Pad. From North

Lowell Pad. From Southeast

Lowell Pad. From South