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Best Management Practices
Extraction regularly goes above and beyond mandated regulations in many areas and has established a precedent for other operators to make the use of best management practices the standard in their operations. For example, Extraction conducts air and noise monitoring to optimally adjust operations in real time to ensure that there is minimal impact on the surrounding community. Other examples of best management practices used by Extraction include:

  • Electrified drilling rigs to minimize noise
  • Pipelines to decrease truck traffic and truck emissions
  • Continuous, transparent communication with the community via neighborhood meetings and Extraction’s community hotline

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) leads day-to-day oversight of oil and gas development in Colorado. The COGCC has the on-the-ground personnel and expertise to properly safeguard our air and water. State-level enforcement is considered the ideal, since development varies and is customized according to geology, populations, available resources and conditions.