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Air Quality

How We Protect Air Quality
We utilize practices that proactively eliminate emissions:

  • Vapor Recovery Units ensure emissions are captured from storage facilities.
  • LACT Units are a new technology used to collect oil from tanks in a closed-loop system that eliminates air emissions traditionally associated with the oil gathering and transportation process.
  • Pipelines are used where possible to eliminate emissions associated with trucking and to reduce the number of tanks located onsite.

Colorado: A Leader in Air Quality
Colorado has some of the most comprehensive leak detection and repair programs for oil and gas facilities in the country.

Extraction, along with many other operators in the region, perform Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) audits using infrared cameras called FLIR cameras, that enable operators to see emissions that otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye.

According to the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions,
“Colorado has the most comprehensive regulations on methane emissions of any state in the country.”