Newly Designed Firehose Fitting Connects Firefighters to Critical Water Supplies at Energy Sites

Firefighters Test Innovative Hose Adaptor created for first responders by Extraction Oil & Gas

DENVER, CO (May 30, 2019) – Firefighters recently tested a newly designed firehose adaptor that will provide access to large-volume water supplies for use in emergencies throughout the Front Range. This innovative, new equipment was designed and built by Extraction Oil & Gas (Extraction) (NASDAQ: XOG) specifically for use by first responders state-wide.

Greeley Fire Department Engine 1 and Windsor-Severance Fire Protection District Engine 2 tested the specially designed firehose connection adaptor at a first responder training hosted by Extraction at the company’s Wake site in Greeley, Colorado.

“The training exercise was a great success and it showed that this piece of equipment could have real benefit for the energy industry as well as the community,” said Pete Morgan, Division Chief of the Greeley Fire Department. “The device fit perfectly, and our Fire Engine 1 almost maxed out its pump capacity, achieving a flow of 1,400 gallons per minute.”

The purpose of the training was to test and validate the specially designed adaptor that allows firefighters to draw water directly from onsite freshwater storage used during the completions phase of oil and gas productions. Historically, fire departments have not been able to use the freshwater stored onsite at oil and gas development sites because of incompatible hose connections. Extraction’s engineers designed and built the special adaptor that connects the oil and gas industry’s 4-inch hose fittings to the 5-inch firetruck hoses, enabling immediate, onsite emergency water supplies wherever water is being stored industrywide.

Extraction invited the Greeley and Windsor-Severance Engine Companies to its site in Greeley to give the first responders hands-on experience in connecting and training with the new device.

“It was impressive to see the professionalism of Greeley and Windsor-Severance first responders in action and heartening to know that this innovation can give our first responders access to the water they need, when and where they need it,” said Josh Carlisle, director of Environment, Health and Safety at Extraction (and a former volunteer firefighter himself). “Our hope is that this fitting, along with the ability to use it in training exercises, is a game-changer for fire professionals in their response efforts statewide.”

Before the creation of this adaptor, first responders have in the past found themselves in a scenario where they would be responding to a fire with a significant source of water in close proximity that they were unable to use. In the event of an emergency, this new adaptor enables firefighters to tap into other large sources of water in the area, such as those used by agriculture, as well.

The collaboration between Extraction and fire officials in both Greeley and Windsor-Severance is the latest example of the company’s leadership in pioneering innovative technological advancements that further safety and environmental stewardship. Over the last few years, Extraction has trained and drilled with over 700 firefighters in emergency response procedures at oil and gas facilities throughout the Front Range.

Now that the adaptors have been proven to work, Extraction plans to have them available at each of their pads in the completions phase throughout Colorado.

“Eventually, the goal would be for every Fire District in Colorado to have availability to these adaptors,” Carlisle said.

The attached photo and video illustrate the test.

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