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Environment & Safety

water Extraction Oil & Gas recognizes the importance of a healthy, thriving environment and we place a high priority on protecting the land, air and water in our areas of operation. We strive to be the safest and most responsible operator in the Denver-Julesburg Basin.

We are always looking for ways to minimize our environmental footprint. In doing so, we were the first operator in Colorado to use an all-electric drilling rig, which significantly reduces noise and exhaust.

Water is precious in Colorado, which is why Extraction takes innovative steps to reduce and minimize water usage. To protect and safeguard water sources, each well is lined with multiple concentric layers of steel casing and cement to ensure proper construction and integrity of the wells. Baseline water samples before drilling activity begins and we again check the integrity of each well by pressure testing each one before beginning the completions process. Safety is our highest priority and one of our core values. Our success is defined by our safety record, not just enhanced by it.